Vision Booster Magnifier

Enlarge text, pictures and more with this super-powerful handheld magnifier.

Simply plug into your computer’s USB port (requires USB 2.0 and XP or Vista), no batteries or AC adapter needed!
Ergonomic mouse (38″ cord length) is easy to use- you will be reading again in no time.

  • ZOOM Magnifies up to 24 TIMES!! Powerful and Portable.
  • Enlarges both print and photos
  • Magnifies 12 point type to 1″ High on a 17″ monitor, then zooms to 3″ High if desired
  • Snaps still photos of displayed image

Perfect for maps, recipe cards, crossword puzzles, medicine bottles, newspapers, pictures, books, magazines, and more!

System requirements:
(minimum requirements for a computer to properly operate the Vision booster)

  • IBM PC compatible
  • INTEL PII CPU or higher
  • 128MB of RAM
  • CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
  • 3D display card with 64MB of RAM or higher that supports 32 bit color
  • At least 1 USB 2 or compatible USB 1.1 port available
  • Windows XP (with service pack 2 or higher), Vista home or professional edition, or Windows 7
  • 40GB or higher hard drive

Sorry, not available at this time.